Smart Guy Chevelle “SG”

Smart Guy ChevelleSmart Guy Chevelle “SG” is an American recording Hip Hop Artist who invented his signature “Smart Guy” look.

“SG” started his career in Minneapolis, MN. withan intent on inspiring people all over the world by delivering a breathe of fresh air to the Hip Hopmusic scene. He had a strong passion for Hip Hop and took it to the pavement and began free styling and battling rappers in North Minneapolis andconsistently walking away as a champion.

When he first hit the scene only 2 years ago “SG”wrote a song called “All Day Everyday” and quickly grabbed the attention of Adrian Peterson, running back for the Minnesota Vikings. All Day Everyday became the official theme song for Adrian. During NFL games every time Adrian made a first down or touch down the song was played in the stadium. At which point the song became a great success. Then “SG” and Adrian got together and made it into a video ESPN got a hold of the video and it became national!

After success with the All Day Everyday song and video, “SG” was sought out by Nigel Mack head of A&R, at Universal records. However after meetings “SG” decided it would be best to stay independent especially with the shifts that were happening in the music industry. “SG” saw many opportunities to create his own management-firm
Now as the CEO of SGE he’s taking on LA screaming “The Time Is Now”